TAPTITE® box bolts solve costly assembly problems on the world's highest volume vehicle.

Ford Motor Co. had a manufacturing problem to solve. They'd been installing conventional machine screws into pre-tapped floating nut members to secure the bed (pickup box) to the chassis of F-Series pickup trucks. Any misalignment between the floating nut and machine screw resulted in a costly cross-threading problem that cost time and new materials to fix.

The TAPTITE® “box-bolt" was introduced at Ford Motor Co. in the mid 1990’s as the solution to this costly problem. By design, all TAPTITE® thread rolling fasteners form their own mating internal thread upon installation, eliminating any chance of cross threading. An additional benefit to using TAPTITE® thread forming technology is the cost savings realized in the elimination of the tapping operation altogether.

Taptite F150 box bolt

This TAPTITE® box-bolt is designed with a special low head height to fit within the corrugated design of the high strength - low alloy (HSLA) steel truck bed.

A special rounded edge washer that minimizes paint damage during installation is also incorporated, a TORX PLUS® recess is used to improve drivability, and the bolt's cone point helps to “find” the floating nut member more easily.

The TAPTITE® box-bolt provides a sophisticated fastening solution centered on the problem solving and cost-savings benefits of TAPTITE® thread rolling fasteners.

Ford Motor Co. has even used this application in the advertising campaign for their truck, highlighting the role that this engineering solution played in affordably producing the world’s highest volume vehicle, the Ford F-150. 

TORX PLUS® is a registered trademark of Acument Global Technologies

Taptite Ford F150 advertisement