A legacy product, EXTRUDE-TITE® screws have been now largely superceded by FASTITE 2000® fasteners.

Extrude-tite fastenerEXTRUDE-TITE® screws were designed to resolve the fastening problems of 'stripping' and 'spin-out' in thin sheet metal found when using standard round-bodied sheet metal screws.

  • Increased torque performance in thin sheet metal applications
  • Low end loads
  • EXTRUDE-TITE® screws tend to drive straight
  • Employs TRILOBULAR® technology in the joint
  • Electrical grounding assured by the intimate contact of the roll-formed threads
  • Reduces cost by allowing thinner, lighter materials in the assembly
  • Reduces cost by reducing or eliminating repairs due to 'stripping', 'spin-outs', and off-angled entry of fastener on the assembly line
  • Reduces costs by eliminating cleanup of chips, oil and debris caused by tapping operations
  • Reduces costs by simplifying assembly - fewer components
  • Reduces costs by simplifying assembly equipment
  • First prevailing-off torque is an indication of locking torque and resistance to vibrational loosening and is favorably high for EXTRUDE-TITE® screws in thin sheet metal.
  • Performance in extruded holes is slightly higher than in drilled holes. 
  • EXTRUDE-TITE® screws typically forward and backward extrude material beyond its original thickness, providing the fastener with over twice the engagement than that of non-extruded materials
  • An important consideration is the significantly superior and consistent strip-to-drive ratio of EXTRUDE-TITE® screws over other sheet metal screws, which allows for more liberal driver clutch settings at the fastening site
  • Tests have shown that EXTRUDE-TITE® fasteners may be used in a wide range of pilot hole sizes with satisfactory results depending upon application requirements
  • May be used in thicker materials as a thread forming, locating point fastener
  • Couple EXTRUDE-TITE® fasteners with an underhead locking feature for ultimate vibrational and 'spin-out' resistance or with a sharp point to pierce cloth, vinyl or other similar materials