NOTE: PLASTITE® fasteners are legacy products. For the latest in plastics fastening technology, please see REMFORM® II™ fasteners.

PLASTITE® TRILOBULAR® thread-rolling screws were developed specifically for use in plastics.  They combine a unique TRILOBULAR® cross-sectional form with deep, wide, spaced threads.

Easier to drive.

Three swaging lobes with full relief of the thread form reduce driving effort and operator fatigue.

More holding power.

The three-lobed design of PLASTITE® screw's takes full advantage of the cold flow characteristics of many plastics by allowing plastic material to recover and fill in between the lobes, which establishes maximum resistance to vibrational loosening.  In addition, the screws' deep, coarsely spaced threads provide a heavier shear area and deeper thread engagement in the plastic, further enhancing holding capabilities.

Reduced hoop stress.

The PLASTITE® screw's TRILOBULAR® design reduces dangerous hoop stress and the friction of root interference, which can frequently cause the bursting of thin-walled bosses.

Better quality threads.

The smooth burnishing action of PLASTITE® thread-rolling screws eliminates the dangers inherent in the use of thread cutting screws.  PLASTITE® screws roll form high quality internal threads with no damage to the molecular structure of the plastic, significantly reducing the danger of material failure.

Fast, cost-effective application.

The easy starting, easy driving capabilities of PLASTITE® screws cut assembly time and costs.  Exceptional holding power eliminates the need for costly inserts and lockwashers.

Fewer torque problems.

The unusually high drive-to-strip ratio of PLASTITE® screws permits a wider span of torque settings to be safely used with automatic drivers. Strip out is virtually eliminated.

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