NOTE: TAPTITE II® is a legacy product, now superceded by TAPTITE® PRO™ fasteners.

TAPTITE II® Thread Rolling Fasteners have 2 - 3 Sharp Crested Lead Threads

TAPTITE II® thread-rolling screws have the TRILOBULAR® shape, which reduces friction during thread forming, provides prevailing torque, which exceeds the level of locking screws, and most importantly, inherently provides resistance to vibrational loosening.

The TRILOBULAR® engineering principles used to create TAPTITE II® screws create an efficient thread rolling screw in all sizes and pitches allowing the manufacture and efficient use of production screws in sizes 00 to as large as 1".  Only TAPTITE II® screws can make this claim. Competing designs are not typically manufactured above M5 size and certainly not available up to M24 as are TAPTITE II® screws.


TAPTITE II® screws bring benefits to both fastener manufacturer and end-user.  TAPTITE II® screws were designed to

  • Provide a more efficient manufacturing method and tool design to result in a more consistent product
  • Be applicable to the quality and SPC philosophies of today's market by utilizing the capabilities of today's state of the art tooling and fastener manufacturing equipment.
  • Provide more consistent torque performance, lower thread forming torque and lower end load necessary to initiate thread forming, than any other thread forming or thread rolling screw, including the original TAPTITE®screw

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